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Astral Travels

When we Astral Travel, The Astral plane reveals to us our blocks and also those things that we need to be working towards. Sometimes when we travel out we feel still bound to the astral-physical planes. This is where we tend to appear as whom we are and it means that we are not yet attuned enough to the vibrational frequencies whereby we can access our past selves or our true selves. There is also a good chance that we might not remember those lives and thus not be able to shift to those who we were.

Sometimes when we astral project we are bound to the being we are now. Other times we shift to a being that we were in another life, and on occasions, we take the form of our higher self. We have the potential to take all of these forms, though sometimes they are not available to us and we have to work to attune ourselves to be able to take on these forms. Various blocks or occurrences that need healing can prevent us from taking on these other forms. Besides, a lack of focus and mental mastery can also stop us from shifting forms at will. These are all things that constitute a block when astral traveling albeit there are ways to unblock yourself.

When we first start astral traveling, unless you have very good focus, you are going to go through different stages, some of which are uncontrolled astral travels. There exist also astral travels where your human self is disconnected from your core self, but your core self is more aligned to your astral self so your human self has no control and your core self commands the astral self and does its own thing. Rather amusing, not!

When you first start gaining control of your astral self you could experience what is defined as astral drunkenness, where you have slight control but you are being tossed around and unable to really take hold of the experience like you are being tossed around in a washer. The best thing to do here is to concentrate on focusing exercises to increase your focus and concentration so that you can control the experience.

Another state that can manifest in the beginning is true form control. This is where you are disconnected from your true form self in physical state, but your astral self is more aligned with your true form self. So you will begin acting as you would in the outer spiritual realm and exploring things that your outer spiritual world self wants to explore. It will go where it wants to go and explore want it wants to explore. You will find that you can also get out but will be unable to control where you are going or what you are doing. You will be helplessly guided around to different places by your true form self.

There are other times where you will lack the mental control but you can get out, so your demon and spirit companions guide you around and take you different places. They can lift you up, show you different things, and explore. They are in control of where you go though and you might find yourself in a state where you are not fully aware of what is going on or where you are going. This is referred to as guided astral travels.

You might also get out and find that you are confined to one specific form. This might mean that your energy vibrations are locked to this form and it is the only one you are attuned to. If you want to attain another form or your true form you will need to work to unblock yourself and attune yourself to those forms. Unblocking yourself can involve working through your past lives, healing emotional pains and trauma, and also working on meditations designed to open up and get you in touch with your energies. Focusing energies can help in this regard.

You will get to a point in astral travel where you will have control of yourself and your astral body. You will be able to shift into any of your forms, travel where you want, and interact with your companions. When you have a good grasp of focusing and of your astral self you will have a lot of freedom. This freedom will allow you to explore the astral freely. You will also be able to explore yourself, your energies, who you are, where you come from. Your companions could even take you to your original home. There is so much you can do when you are in the astral plane and certainly when you have control. It is amazing where you can go and what you can learn.

So, to conclude, we are most certainly incredibly complex and layered beings. There is so much to learn about ourselves and so much to uncover. It will be no doubt an amazing journey!

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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