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Are all those that practice Black Magick doomed?

When one engages in black magick, one might find it rather difficult to stop. If they stop they will immediately pay for whatever they borrow, 3 fold. So they keep borrowing luck from people around, one by one. Their wish could come true but in sorrow.

If anyone wants to practice black magick then such person should be capable enough to pursue it. For that, the person should be strong enough to practice it, not only physically but also mentally. Actually, the mental strength factor is more important than the physical strength factor. Working with black magick is like dealing with such occurrences that affect your life deeply and will stay with you till the very end.

So before performing black magick a person should be mentally strong enough to control the ill effects of such magick, he should be (extremely) self-conscious, mentally stable, should know that he has to use the power in well being of others; it should not happen due to geed, fear, emotional weakness, etc. Should this happen, entities governing dark powers could start governing you.

It is very necessary that “one” should have control over all their body chakras (If one wants to practice the darker arts) rather than letting dark powers gain control over them. It is not an easy task for all magick enthusiasts to perform black magick, sometimes you have to be ready to sacrifice more than that which you expect to gain.

In the long term, it usually bites unprepared practitioners in the rear end hard. There’s a consequence to what people choose to do, call it the rule of three, call it karma but there’s a balance. If you use magick to harm others, your mind, body, and soul eventually pay a price for it. Most people deep into the dark arts start to lose their minds as time goes on, losing the ability to see other people’s value.

Granted most people who deliberately choose to practice black magick untutored (as opposed to others who slide into it through carelessness) are usually not the most emotionally stable, to begin with. This doesn’t even begin to approach how sideways their lives can go if they bite off more than they can chew and curse someone who is more adept than they are or who can get help from those who do.

Yet a wise witch knows better than to wait on Karma. That’s why many started practicing Hoodoo in the first place. A wise witch will always cleanse & protect her/himself and their property when doing spell-work. They usually have layers and layers of protection on them which would take a couple of hundred years to get past. They plan their spells ahead of time, execute them carefully and properly dispose of the work afterward.

Every jinx, hex, or curse must be justified. They do not attack innocent people or throw magick on minor situations but troublemakers must and will be stopped. Magick is the final resort. The Wicked Flourish & Prosper when the Good do Nothing. Justice must be served. Nothing will ever happen to the wise one.

Black magick is dangerous because of the state of mind one must be in to conjure dark energy. Black magic requires a devotion to harm which can become unhealthy in time. The practice of it is easy on the surface. We can wish our neighbor ill will. That is what we are seeing manifest in the world around us today.

Em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


Love this. Balance is key. When binding someone it is only in protection of the weak and innocent. And I make a way for them to be unbound, if they see their ways and make amends. I keep the same standards for myself. Always doing shadow work and keep myself in check. Striving to stay humble, grateful, and accountable. Blessed Be. Alethea White Raven Morningstar

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