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A word about Magick

Personally, I don’t think there is any difference between black or white magick. The forces you will be working with have to pass through the conscious mind to access other planes of existence. In this way it is necessary to work with an image or symbol that you will bring to life, that has no meaning to your conscious self, thus it is able to pass onto the astral where the symbol can come to life and perform its work. Your conscious mind is too critical and full of doubt to allow free and charged symbols to be projected in an astral fashion.

If you want to do a destruction ritual, you must hate your target, whether it be an individual or organization, most probably if you’re inexperienced it will be best to focus your hate on the individual, visualizing the complete disintegration of the person, ideally, some piece of hair or other effects should be put on the Sigil, and then all your negative hate must be projected onto this in a frenzy.

Most people dabbling with occult power are deadly afraid of doing black magick, but I would be equally afraid of doing white magick in the wrong fashion, as both could have unwanted consequences. Let’s face it: if you don’t accept the full consequences of your magickal action, why dabble with magick in the first place?

Similarly, in a “positive” ritual, like healing someone, or constructive ritual, or neutral, like something you want (money, or other objects of your desire), the focus needs to stay equally intense, but in this case, it is things you want, so you put positive thoughts into it, focusing all your energy on the object of desire.

LVX - Patrick Gaffiero


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