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A Truth

I really believe that there is Truth in everything and that Truth is a line that is straight and everlasting.

On this straight line of Truth, sprouts new belief, value, and stories that all stray from the pureness of the real Truth.

When these new lines sprout, they in themselves can give birth to something that resembles but is not that Truth.

When these lines that have become separated from the Truth grow further and further from the original Truth, they become lost and much harder to find.

Do you think our society is close to this Original line of Truth or do you think we have been cut off already?

We can look at this as a fully grown tree, we can see the branches but not the roots, you have to dig deep for the roots, but all of the branches come from the same root.

Jesus the Nazarene said the following;

"Seek and you will find. Look within. There is a light within, seek that light. When you find it share it with the World. Before you judge others, look at yourself, and attend to your own shortcomings. Don't worry about your clothes and comforts. Religious leaders don't necessarily practice what they preach or point the way to spiritual understanding. Be cautious Stay simple."

Not Jesus of Nazareth, but Jesus the Nazarene, Nazarene being a way of life, focusing on "internal purity"

Sounds familiar Luciferians?

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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