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A Spiritual Awakening

“The only personal property of an individual’s soul on earth is its spiritual path. To criticize someone’s spiritual path is like hijacking it's only vehicle in life, leaving the poor soul stranded on the road.

These hours and hours of silence get into one's bones. I ask why I have sentenced myself to such loneliness. I guess anything one does deeply is very lonely. Every creator painfully experiences the chasm between his dream and its final expression. The chasm is never completely bridged. We all have this certainty, perhaps illusory, that we have much more to attain.

It is like a nuclear explosion, you see — it shatters the whole body. It is not an easy thing; it is the end of the man — such a shattering thing that it blasts every cell, every nerve in your body. Not that you experience the ‘explosion’; you can’t experience the ‘explosion’ — but it’s after-effects, the ‘fall-out’, is the thing that changes the whole chemistry of your body.”


The Definition of freedom is the infinite value of the human being. The definition of evil is the destruction of freedom. Everything that is evil teaches people that they have limited value.


Truth is always simple. All people recognize the truth because all people are intelligent beings. It is the nature of evil to create artificially complex ideas. It does this to hide or obfuscate the freedom it destroys. If you remove the complexities and fears from your life you will find a plain and beautiful truth. This truth is the nature of your worth.

Value of Man

To understand freedom is to understand the value of a person. Everything that evil wants is to disguise and destroy your value. To understand your own worth is to understand the nature of liberty.


The crucial key to understanding our world is to understand the nature of evil. Evil challenges the value of people by denying them the opportunity to make their own choices; by denying them the chance to grow strong in learning and understanding.

Some stars just - because without them no one would have any light.

~ If we cannot make room for the extraordinary then it will simply never happen. We cannot have the great gathering of the masses if the masses won't ALL gather.

~ Yet the storm clouds are gathering around the sacred stone of the sun - and when the clouds gather people know it’s going to rain, and when the wind starts blowing the clouds away, people know it’s going to be fine.

~ People can obviously interpret the future but can they interpret the present moment.

~ This is the turning of the ages - as written in all the prophecies.

~ But a planet full of chickens only makes for a great nest for a rooster.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero

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Rachel Mercieca
Rachel Mercieca
29 de jul. de 2020

Beautiful 🙏

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