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A Journey of An Occultist

"I see my Father, banishing me from my home," Lucifer would say, each day as he approached his throne, "I see Him telling me to guide His children to the Path of Salvation, a path I do not know for I have not felt fulfillment.

For I still see the nothingness that they see. For I still see the rejection that they see. For I still see the failure that they see." Lucifer closed his eyes, "For I still see my Father, pointing me away from home."

-From the Five Boroughs of death

All my writing is about the recognition that there is no single reality. But the beauty of it is that you nevertheless go on, walking towards utopia, which may not exist, on a bridge which might end, before you reach the other side.

Looking staring facing the world beyond Seeking, searching where your soul has gone I want to know where we go When our bodies leave our soul I want to see what you see when you're staring back at me A man that does not possess the willingness, patience, and strength to break down a wall made of steel, does not deserve to see what’s on the other side.

You will GROW through what you GO through. Giving up is NOT an option...A better YOU is waiting on the other side of it all!

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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